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Dani and Sal at there pop-up store in Brisbane
A women holding 50ml travel pouch hand sanitiser
Made from local botancials.
Our co-founders Sal and Danielle set about finding the perfect chemist to create a formula that not only protected from germs but kept the skin moisturised. We partnered with a NSW-based botanical extracts company to produce a liquid that doesn’t dry or irritate skin. The use of native river mint and iron lemonbark creates a unique, herbaceous scent.
Necessity – the mother of all inventions.
The Answer was born from a need to create beautiful, thoughtful products that dealt with a very real issue: keeping Australians safe in a sustainable, locally-produced way.
An Australian botanical right kept at The Answer store front
Co-founder Sal making our signature concrete dispensers
Thoughtful design for thoughtful humans.
Never one to rest on his laurels, Sal created a stylish concrete dispenser to house our sanitiser and hand wash. The concrete is made with 60% less carbon footprint than any other concrete mix, and all bottles are handcrafted here in our Brisbane HQ.
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Hand made in Australia
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Crafted from Local Botanicals
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